My most recent fascination (It is actually an obsession, but I don’t want to admit it.) is mountain biking, and specifically mountain biking at Swanson Park. Here are a couple of things I noticed while riding. On the first couple of trips “over the river and through the woods” I was very careful. I was taking it easy, paying close attention to the trail and everything near the trail. It was fun and exhilarating and even adrenaline producing. One thing it wasn’t was comfortable. But it didn’t take long for it to get comfortable. I learned that if you lean you can take a sharp corner faster, which means more exhilaration and more adrenaline!! Continue reading


Faithfulness – Jamaica Style

In less than a month we will have a team of 10 people from our church heading to Jamaica on a short term mission trip. I am very excited about the projects and activities that we have lined up. We will be doing a work project at Pastor Leroy’s church, Victory Fellowship Church, laying block and painting. We will be spending time at an orphanage taking care of babies. We will be putting on children’s programs and visiting a handicap orphanage among other things. As a part of the trip I will be speaking at Victory Fellowship Church a number of times. I asked Leroy if he had anything he would like me to speak on. He said, “I would love you to preach on was faithfulness. I believe our people need to hear something on that line, don’t give up, but to stay faithful to God come what may come.” Continue reading

YouTube TV Repair

Last week my TV quit working. I was watching it and it just went dead, shut off on its own! I tried plugging it in different outlets, checked to make sure no breakers had been flipped, did everything I could think of and nothing worked. As a last resort I decide to Google it. Google knows everything right? So I type in “Vizio TV shut off and won’t turn on”. The search leads me to a YouTube video that describes the problem and then shows me how to fix it. I follow the instructions and fix my own TV for $5. YouTube is awesome!! Google plus YouTube = the world is yours!
Then to see what else I could learn, I typed in “how to” on the YouTube search box. Here are some things you can learn in 5 minutes or less, according to YouTube. How to pick a lock. How to be a Ninja. How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking (So far this one has not helped me!). How to make a burning laser. How to moon walk like Michael Jackson. That is just a few “how to” videos that came up in the first page of results, a search that included about 18 million results.
There is an incredible amount of information available at our fingertips. It is simply unbelievable! But, how do you know what is true and what isn’t? You can search any subject and find differing opinions and evidence that support even the most outlandish positions, including 162,000 search results that give evidence that Elvis is still alive! I am all shook up, by this! Teaching people the truth about who Jesus is of the utmost importance, soon after that it is teaching people how to discern the truth. How do we know what is true? When it comes to counterfeit prevention the key to recognizing a counterfeit is to know the original very, very well. They spend all their time studying the original. How much time are you spending studying the original? How many Almost True stories do you fall for? I can’t wait for our summer series that starts this week.

Pastor Roger Graber

A Struggle

Lance’s last message series on GraceWorks brought some observations to mind.

Since the first century, the Church has struggled to both maintain its moral compass AND treat violators with grace.

There have been periods where the church lowered or eliminated its Biblical standards and treated people with “grace.”

While other periods, the Church has loudly proclaimed its moral absolutes and used them to ungraciously hammer on those not meeting those standards.

Proclaiming God’s standards of right and wrong WHILE graciously receiving those failing to meet the standards (Isn’t that all of us?) appears to be an illusive goal.

What I’ve noticed is that any issue in which the Church fails to find that balance seems to open up a vacuum in the culture that others are more than eager to fill by lowering or eliminating the standard and providing acceptance to those disenfranchised by the Church.

Over even my lifetime, it has proven to be a high price to pay.

My prayer is that at Shadow Lake we may both loudly proclaim God’s standards while we graciously wrap our arms around all of us failing to meet the standards.

Dave Arch
Impact Leadership Team

My GraceWorks Story

I have heard many reports of great discussions in the past 5 weeks as Life Groups have discussed the GraceWorks sermon series. For many people it may have been the first time they have heard Grace described in this way. That it is Jesus and absolutely nothing else Continue reading

Marvelous Light

Last weekend at Shadow Lake Community Church we sang the song Marvelous Light. The chorus includes the following lines. “Into marvelous light I’m running, out of darkness, out of shame, by the cross, You are the truth, You are the life, You are the way.” At the time we were singing this song I was less than 4 hours from being a Grandpa for the very first time. My daughter was well along in the labor and delivery process, so everything I heard and sang was going through this filter, “I am about to be a Grandpa.” Continue reading


Protecting the Culture of Life Groups

Every organization or in our case ministry has a culture. Life Groups have a culture. Culture is a set of unwritten rules that determines how people in an organization act, react, communicate, problem-solve, and treat each other. Culture includes the attitudes, beliefs, values, standards, expectation, prejudices, approaches, and phobias that characterize its people when they are together. Culture is the personality of an organization. Culture is the personality of your Life Group. Continue reading


Could You Survive Among The Wealthy?

Could You Survive Among The Wealthy?

Just as I would struggle to fit in with the truly wealthy (think Bill Gates), others struggle to fit into the middle class. God gives us compassion and empathy not by some mystical experience but rather when we begin to truly understand that all people did not start life at the same place and that the hurdles for overcoming struggles are significant for those who wish to move on from where they find themselves. Click on the quiz to read more about the book from which this quiz was taken.

Could You Survive In The Middle Class?

Could You Survive In The Middle Class

According to Ruby Payne in her book entitled A Framework For Understanding Poverty, you couldn’t survive if you didn’t know the answers on this quiz. Click on the quiz to read more about her book.  Her point is that oftentimes it’s the unwritten rules of a given social class that keeps other people from being successful in that social strata.

Could You Survive In Poverty?

Could You Survive In Poverty?

Here’s a quiz that you would need to pass in order to live in poverty according to Ruby Payne in the book entitled A Framework For Understanding Poverty. You can read more about this book by clicking on the quiz.