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Culture & Theology: Escapism

Here are the notes and audio file from our discussion on Escapism during our last Culture & Theology meeting.
Audio File may be found here: (MP3)

Culture & Theology: Escapism

Notes from C&T Episode IV. Escapism.

Now I need to be upfront right now and say that for tonight’s subject, there is no end all, ultimate solution. This topic is hard for us, because Escapism is different for everyone and there is no one end all blanket ‘solution’ on this subject but I can promise you will walk away from tonight with a new insight on your life, your families life and some nuggets of truth to meditate on and how we as Christians live our lives in a world that is not our home. Continue reading


Culture & Theology: Homosexuality

Here are the notes and audio file from our discussion on Homosexuality during our last Culture & Theology meeting.
Audio File may be found here: (MP3)
– Introduction & Background (0:00-20:30)
– Arguments used for Homosexuality (20:30 – 52:30)
– Questions & Answers (52:30 – 1:13:00)
– Scenarios (1:13:00 – 1:21:00)
Note Handout Sheet – This PDF is a brief overview of the 7 Arguments discussed during the session as well as a Resource list.
“Brain Sheet” – This PDF is an in depth work on the three main sections of Scripture dealing with Homosexuality and some criticisms dealing with those sections.
Please feel free to comment here or send your questions to Travis or Robert by email.;

The Beautiful Exchange (Chaos & Surge Series)



Parents: Here is an overview of what we’re talking about beginning next week (April 18). Listed below the summary is a parent cue to help you dialog with your child about the session. The question is intended not just to be asked by you, but to be responded to by BOTH of you. Use this opportunity to find out what God is teaching your child, and allow your child to see what God is teaching you as well. Continue reading

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Culture & Theology (Sex & Relationships)

Image Our first Culture & Theology was a huge success. We tried to film it in case some couldn’t make it. I’m not sure if we have the actual footage or not because we’ve had some computer problems around the same time and we lost a lot of footage. In case you missed it, here is a recap of what we covered.

// Sex & Relationships
Parents are the most powerful influence in a child’s life. Parents have the ultimate responsibility for teaching character to their children, and they have the primary right and responsibility to be involved in their children’s education – especially about value-laden topics such as character and sexuality.

The current culture is NOT what it used to be…
We’ve come from coded songs like “Afternoon Delight” to today’s music like 50 Cent’s “Take you the Candy Shop, Let you lick the lollipop, don’t stop baby till you hit the spot.” Or LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” says, “I got a passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it…”

Continue reading

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Ahh, the classic debate over whether or not to celebrate Christmas with Santa. Truthfully, there are pros and cons on each side of the argument. However, first let’s take a look at some of the ways Santa & Jesus are similar.

Similarities between Santa & Jesus
– Both have Beards
– Both are portrayed as having happy little children surrounding them
– Both of their last names start with “C” (Jesus’ last name is not really Christ by the way)
– Both have several Nicknames: Father Christmas & Saint Nicholas… Prince of Peace & Emmanuel…
– Speaking of names: they both seem to know everyone’s name
– They both keep detailed records of all of us (They both know when we’ve been good or bad. Although I’ve often wondered if Santa knows all of our information then why did we still have to write him letters telling him what we wanted?)
– We flood both of them with wish lists and desperately hope they come through for us. Continue reading