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Unbelievable New App

I just downloaded to my iPhone the app from the Jesus Film Media (that’s what you’ll type in as you try to search for it in the iTunes or Android App Store).  It gives you access to the entire Jesus Film (read more about the film here: broken into clips.  Want to watch Jesus calm the sea?  It’s there.  Want to watch Him deliver the Beatitudes?  It’s there.  I believe this will be a great tool for making many of the accounts come alive again for me and a tool for sharing those accounts with others.

Yes . . . it’s also available on the Android.

When you first open the app, go to The Jesus Film and click on it.  Then browse through all the clips they have.  I give it five stars.

Did I mention that it’s FREE?


Answering 7 Common Objections To Long-Term Missions

Answering 7 Common Objections to Long-Term Missions by Ben Stevens

During almost 500 meetings I set up to raise support for service in Germany, I glimpsed a snapshot of current evangelical sentiment towards long-term, cross-cultural ministry. Many exciting things are happening today in the evangelical world, whether in short-term ministry, church planting, or expanding our social consciousness. Yet I cannot escape the conclusion that a major change in the tides has come to the evangelical world regarding missions. Time and time again I encountered intelligent people, both laymen and pastors, who argued passionately that long-term, cross-cultural work is “no longer the way God does things.” Continue reading