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Take a Risk

At Shadow Lake Church we have a discipleship process, with three key pieces.  Focus, Risk, and Impact.  Life Groups main part of that process is Risk, as in Risking Relationships.  Anytime there is a risk, it is because it could go either right or wrong, it could go well or poorly.  If the outcome was guaranteed, there is no risk.  Of course the greater the risk, the greater the reward, or possible failure.
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Culture & Theology: Homosexuality

Here are the notes and audio file from our discussion on Homosexuality during our last Culture & Theology meeting.
Audio File may be found here: (MP3)
– Introduction & Background (0:00-20:30)
– Arguments used for Homosexuality (20:30 – 52:30)
– Questions & Answers (52:30 – 1:13:00)
– Scenarios (1:13:00 – 1:21:00)
Note Handout Sheet – This PDF is a brief overview of the 7 Arguments discussed during the session as well as a Resource list.
“Brain Sheet” – This PDF is an in depth work on the three main sections of Scripture dealing with Homosexuality and some criticisms dealing with those sections.
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