My most recent fascination (It is actually an obsession, but I don’t want to admit it.) is mountain biking, and specifically mountain biking at Swanson Park. Here are a couple of things I noticed while riding. On the first couple of trips “over the river and through the woods” I was very careful. I was taking it easy, paying close attention to the trail and everything near the trail. It was fun and exhilarating and even adrenaline producing. One thing it wasn’t was comfortable. But it didn’t take long for it to get comfortable. I learned that if you lean you can take a sharp corner faster, which means more exhilaration and more adrenaline!!

I see the corner coming, I determine in my mind not to slow down, but to lean into it. What I didn’t take into account was the tree at the trails edge that when you lean actually gets in your way when you try to take the corner. My shoulder caught the tree and me and the bike met the tree up close and personal. Slight bruise to the shoulder… large bruise to the ego! Very quickly I had gotten comfortable because my surroundings had become familiar. Comfort can easily lead to careless, which lead to me meeting a tree!

It can be very easy to get comfortable in our career, our relationships, our faith. If your faith has gotten comfortable, I have an idea. Take a risk and be part of “The Big Live”. Rather than tell you about it, here is a link.

Roger Graber


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