Faithfulness – Jamaica Style

In less than a month we will have a team of 10 people from our church heading to Jamaica on a short term mission trip. I am very excited about the projects and activities that we have lined up. We will be doing a work project at Pastor Leroy’s church, Victory Fellowship Church, laying block and painting. We will be spending time at an orphanage taking care of babies. We will be putting on children’s programs and visiting a handicap orphanage among other things. As a part of the trip I will be speaking at Victory Fellowship Church a number of times. I asked Leroy if he had anything he would like me to speak on. He said, “I would love you to preach on was faithfulness. I believe our people need to hear something on that line, don’t give up, but to stay faithful to God come what may come.”

Here is the interesting thing about that request, every time I go to Jamaica on a Mission Trip, I come home thinking my faith is so miniscule, I am embarrassed. Why would someone who seems to have so much faith, ask for more? I should be the one asking for more. They should be teaching me about faith. I should be begging them to tell me how they continue to trust when they have little to nothing and there church survives because of the generosity of people they don’t even know. And in spite of the finances they continue to try to plant more churches. They fight to share the gospel with more people. They deeply desire to make an impact in their community.
And the whole “come what may” phrase. On my worst day, my “come what may” is still very good. It is still at least 3 meals and a nice house and air conditioning and a job and…. So I am probably not going to preach on something they are already way better at than I am, but I will be asking them questions about how they remain faithful! God grant me more faith! Help my life reflect the things I say I believe about you!

Pastor Roger Graber
Shadow Lake Community Church
Psalm 115:1


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