YouTube TV Repair

Last week my TV quit working. I was watching it and it just went dead, shut off on its own! I tried plugging it in different outlets, checked to make sure no breakers had been flipped, did everything I could think of and nothing worked. As a last resort I decide to Google it. Google knows everything right? So I type in “Vizio TV shut off and won’t turn on”. The search leads me to a YouTube video that describes the problem and then shows me how to fix it. I follow the instructions and fix my own TV for $5. YouTube is awesome!! Google plus YouTube = the world is yours!
Then to see what else I could learn, I typed in “how to” on the YouTube search box. Here are some things you can learn in 5 minutes or less, according to YouTube. How to pick a lock. How to be a Ninja. How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking (So far this one has not helped me!). How to make a burning laser. How to moon walk like Michael Jackson. That is just a few “how to” videos that came up in the first page of results, a search that included about 18 million results.
There is an incredible amount of information available at our fingertips. It is simply unbelievable! But, how do you know what is true and what isn’t? You can search any subject and find differing opinions and evidence that support even the most outlandish positions, including 162,000 search results that give evidence that Elvis is still alive! I am all shook up, by this! Teaching people the truth about who Jesus is of the utmost importance, soon after that it is teaching people how to discern the truth. How do we know what is true? When it comes to counterfeit prevention the key to recognizing a counterfeit is to know the original very, very well. They spend all their time studying the original. How much time are you spending studying the original? How many Almost True stories do you fall for? I can’t wait for our summer series that starts this week.

Pastor Roger Graber


3 thoughts on “YouTube TV Repair

  1. Bill Kalmbach says:

    Ok Roger, I guess I have proven my full total Geekness. I’m still wondering what was the $5 fix.

  2. Joseph Harker says:

    I had the “red ring of death” on my Xbox 360 so I went to YouTube & behold tons of videos on how to fix the x-box. It did take me some time to figure out what video was the right video, so many of the vids. claim what they say is the right way. I did eventually come across a good video that seemed t be right my hunch was right on. Went to Radio Shack spent $8.00 bucks on some thermal paste, invested 2 hours (more then I should have says Kathy….love you babe!) & was up & running getting my gaming back on. Roger you make a good point how do we differentiate who is right & who is full of BS. Only if we had a personal guide book or something,……perhaps the Bible?…… lol!

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