A Struggle

Lance’s last message series on GraceWorks brought some observations to mind.

Since the first century, the Church has struggled to both maintain its moral compass AND treat violators with grace.

There have been periods where the church lowered or eliminated its Biblical standards and treated people with “grace.”

While other periods, the Church has loudly proclaimed its moral absolutes and used them to ungraciously hammer on those not meeting those standards.

Proclaiming God’s standards of right and wrong WHILE graciously receiving those failing to meet the standards (Isn’t that all of us?) appears to be an illusive goal.

What I’ve noticed is that any issue in which the Church fails to find that balance seems to open up a vacuum in the culture that others are more than eager to fill by lowering or eliminating the standard and providing acceptance to those disenfranchised by the Church.

Over even my lifetime, it has proven to be a high price to pay.

My prayer is that at Shadow Lake we may both loudly proclaim God’s standards while we graciously wrap our arms around all of us failing to meet the standards.

Dave Arch
Impact Leadership Team


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