Protecting the Culture of Life Groups

Every organization or in our case ministry has a culture. Life Groups have a culture. Culture is a set of unwritten rules that determines how people in an organization act, react, communicate, problem-solve, and treat each other. Culture includes the attitudes, beliefs, values, standards, expectation, prejudices, approaches, and phobias that characterize its people when they are together. Culture is the personality of an organization. Culture is the personality of your Life Group.

Every Life Group at Shadow Lake has a distinct culture. Some of your groups are a very disciplined and follow the suggested schedule exactly; other groups are seemingly unaware that there is a suggested schedule. Some of you have met at the same time in the same house on the same day and have the same snacks every week, others have switched the date and the time they met on and you have to pay attention to know where your group will be on any given week. Some of you have added new members or had visitors, other groups have been the exact same 10 faces for the last 2 years. Some of you laugh all night long, others are more serious. The point is each group has its own distinct culture. That is awesome, God is creative and unique and so are we.

However in the midst of that uniqueness there are some very specific values and expectations that are incredibly important. The culture we desire in our Life Groups is one of community, discipleship, care, and service. These 4 things must be in every unique culture. We expect that no matter what night, what time, where you meet, how much you laugh, how much you cry… community, discipleship, care, and service will be a part of the culture of your group. That is one of the reasons that at every event we ask you these questions.

1. How is your group building community?
2. How is your group making disciples?
3. How is your group providing care?
4. How is your group serving our community?

We are passionate that these four values be a part of Life Groups. Why is it important that you know these values? Why is it important that you protect the Life Group culture?
1. Leaders shape culture whether they intend to or not.
– Your Life Group will reflect your leadership within 1 year.
2. Time in erodes awareness of.
-We can easily forget the main point.
3. Healthy cultures attract and keep healthy people.
– If we expect to help the sick, we need a certain level of health, if not individually, as a group.
4. The culture of an organization impacts its long-term productivity.
– Watch one episode of Restaurant Impossible or Bar Rescue.
5. Unhealthy cultures are slow to adapt to change.
– Watch another episode of Restaurant Impossible or BarRescue.
Life Groups are an integral part of the discipleship process at Shadow Lake Community Church. We desire that within the uniqueness of each Life Group, community, discipleship, care, and service are a part of each Group. You are the culture keepers of Life Groups. Thank you for passionately protecting that culture.

Roger Graber


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