He’s Got The Whole World …

“For God so loved the world …”
“Go into all the world …”

As cool as it is to watch God work up close in my world, when I began to realize that He is doing that and more simultaneously in ALL countries of the world, my view of God’s size and capabilities expanded exponentially.

Unfortunately, I can’t count on our national media to keep giving me an international perspective on what God is doing. Too often what Kim Kardashian is doing trumps what’s happening in Syria. Did someone say “Trump?” Don’t get me started.

To supplement my intake of celebrity news I’m enjoying my newly-found iPhone app entitled News360.

It gives me a sense of going around the world when I catch up on its news, and it sends me alerts too.

Just got one that Chuck Colson passed away this afternoon at the age of 80. Talk about someone who brought God’s love to our prison population. Show’s what God can do with just one man.

But I digress. If you don’t have a world news source, I encourage you to try News360 as you try to grow into a Christian whose mind can wrap around the fact that God died for the world. Now that’s BIG!

Dave Arch
Impact Leadership Team


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