Front Row Seats!

Far too often the church has sometimes mis-represented ministry as something a person does for God (sometimes in payment for their salvation!).

As Lance so carefully explained last week, whether or not we ever get involved in service, God’s salvation of us is eternally secure. In fact, it is clear by looking at the book of Revelation that God will get His plan done with or without us.

So … what role does getting involved in volunteer opportunities contribute to strengthening our relationship with God?

Ask someone who has stopped being a Christian Spectator and started being a Participant. In one way or another, they will tell you that by being involved in ministry to others they have moved in close enough to watch God at work up-close in the lives of others – getting to know Him better in the process.

If you’re ready for that addictive level of spiritual satisfaction (and I realize you might not be), go to: and submit the form there. We will then get back to you with several volunteer opportunities from which you can choose based on your talents, passions, and time availability.

Think of us as your personal TicketMaster – helping you get front row seats in watching God at work.

Dave Arch
Impact Leadership Team


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